Build from sources locally#

Clone and Install Dependencies#

The script installs all of the dependencies, including OpenROAD dependencies, if they are not already installed.

Supported configurations are: CentOS 7, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04, RHEL 8, Debian 10 and Debian 11.

git clone --recursive
cd OpenROAD-flow-scripts
sudo ./


./ --local


There is a build_openroad.log file that is generated with every build in the main directory. In case of filing issues, it can be uploaded in the “Relevant log output” section of OpenROAD-flow-scripts repo issue form.

Verify Installation#

The binaries should be available on your $PATH after setting up the environment. The make command runs from RTL-GDSII generation for default design gcd with nangate45 PDK.

source ./
yosys -help
openroad -help
cd flow

You can view final layout images in OpenROAD GUI using this command.

make gui_final


Compiling and debugging in Visual Studio Code#

Set up environment variables using, then start Visual Studio Code. Please ensure CMake plugins are installed.

. ./
code tools/OpenROAD/