Using Pre-built Binaries#

Install Klayout and Yosys#

Please ensure the Klayout version (denoted with klayoutVersion variable) is consistent with the one used in DependencyInstaller script.

Instructions for installing:


Unfortunately KLayout maintainers do not provide Debian 10/11 compatible packages. You can follow the build-from-sources instruction (Version >=0.25) and Ubuntu 22 instructions here.

Install OpenROAD#

Download pre-built binaries with self-contained dependencies included from the Precision Innovations’ Github releases here.

Thanks to Precision Innovations for hosting and maintaining these binaries.

The following platforms are supported currently:

  • Ubuntu 20.04/22.04

  • Debian 10/11

Use the following steps to download:

Step 1: Click on the Precision Innovations Github releases link.

Step 2: Download the artifacts for your distribution.

Step 3: Run the install command based on platform use package installer. For example Ubuntu 20.04 use:

sudo apt install ./openroad_2.0_amd64-ubuntu20.04.deb

You can install these binaries within docker as well.

Verify Installation#

You may clone the OpenROAD-flow-scripts repository non-recursively.

git clone

Export path variables accordingly.

# these variables are used in flow/Makefile. Do make sure the yosys path is sourced.
export OPENROAD_EXE=$(command -v openroad)
export YOSYS_CMD=$(command -v yosys)

# only if KLayout is built from source
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="<klayout_location>/bin:$PATH" 

yosys -help
openroad -help
cd flow
make gui_final